Thursday, March 22, 2012


The sleep that evades me is so desperately needed

The dreams that follow keep me in confusion
The people I dream of
Friends of the past life
I lived many years ago
I have to wonder why
Why are they sitting at the table with me?
What is the relevance to it all; I have to ponder.
The people that drift in and out of my dreams are from so many years ago
We are breaking bread together
Are we at the Lord’s table, per chance?
Is this God’s way of letting me know my fears
My deepest fear
Is for naught?
That forgiveness is abundant
Much like the feast that I attend with my friends

Am I being shown these people for a reason,
Or is it simply chance?

Monday, March 19, 2012


Truth will prevail, but only if you allow it to
What truths are you afraid to see, my child?
Are you afraid that maybe, just maybe, you have been wrong?
Are you afraid that maybe, just maybe I am real?
Are you fearful that my love for you has been voided by your disbelief?

Your fear is seen by Me
I want to help you overcome and be a conqueror
Meet me halfway I will be there to guide you
My hand is outstretched and waiting to grab you from the pit

Trust me
Believe in me
Abide in me and I will give you rest

Oh God, I am fearful
The forces that have taken hold of me are stronger than I can fight
I’ve tried for years, Lord
I’ve tried for year to no avail.
The more I fight and call on Jesus, the stronger they appear
It is only when I stop that they stop
It’s like that chains that bind are tighter as I fight and relax when I stop
Only to allow me to go deeper in the pit

The grip on my mind is like a claw of the raven, resting on my skull
Piercing deep into the flesh and into my brain
I’m afraid to fight anymore.
I’m too weak

Monday, March 12, 2012


Oh my gosh so much to do so much to say so much to accomplish in such a short time
My mind is like a humming bird flitting from one thought to another
Once again out of control with all the possibilities
The options that lay before me are vast
Too vast in as much as I am overwhelmed with which way to go
I need to stop and focus
Yet I cannot
My mind won’t let me
So I drift hither and yon in my mind
Getting caught in the crevices of what could be and what will be and what is now
The list grows longer with every thought

Lord, help me to focus on what is most important at this time. Help me to prioritize and not lose track of what I need to do.
Direct my path, Lord.
Direct my path