Monday, February 27, 2012

Wheels of my mind

The wheels of my mind are spinning almost out of control.
They have dug ruts in the miry clay that seem to keep me captive
Ruts that represent my failed aspirations and desires
Deeper and deeper they become
I’m stuck

As I dream of using my gifts and talents to help support those that I love;
I see that all I’m doing is dreaming.
The challenges I come against are typically self induced.
Lack of focus
Lack of belief... in my myself

Excitement turns to fear
Fear that only helps to distract even more.

The only option is to push through.
To regain focus
To trust that what is in my heart
To believe in my self

Lord, I pray that you will help me to make some sense of the mess in my mind. That you will clear my thoughts and help me to become more focused and know what I am to do. Give me clear direction so that I am not simply spinning my wheels and going nowhere.

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